Assalamualaikum and good day,

Greetings to all members of Rashwealth Group and to all our authorised distributors! My sincere congratulations go out to all agents who are registered under Rashwealth Group; you have made the right choice. At Rashwealth Group, we are truly confident and ambitious in making this company the best platform for Malaysians to be free from health problems as well as free from financial difficulties. For your information, Rashwealth Group is 100% owned by Muslim Bumiputeras. With a clear goal in mind, we aim to produce more Malaysians who are successful in the field of network marketing, particularly so among Muslim Bumiputeras.

The direct selling industry has contributed nearly 12 billion annually to our country’s income. This type of business is growing rapidly due to two factors. The first factor is the health factor, where many Malaysians are exposed to various types of deadly diseases. Therefore, at Rashwealth Group we offer a wide range of products that can help improve the health of Malaysians. From time to time, through research groups and R&D, we also strive to provide high quality and effective products to consumers. The second factor is the economic factor. Improvement in standards of living in our country is growing day by day. Many of us, especially those who live in the larger cities, start looking for a second source of income. So here we offer a second source of income where the Rashwealth Group distributors can conduct this business in the best way that complements their needs. Rashwealth Group offers a simple business plan system that everyone can participate in.

Many have asked me regarding the factors contributing towards my success in building my previous business which was Karangkraf. Let me share with you a few tips for you to succeed in whatever you are doing. First, you must put an end goal or objective to whatever job you're doing. Make sure your goals are clear, and that they are small goals so that you can achieve them easily. Second, you have to work, work, and work even harder to succeed. Challenges in doing your own business are great compared to working for someone else. But it is these challenges that actually strengthen you and keep you moving towards success. Third, every time you face rejection, you need to stop and study the situation. Why did the customer say no to your products? Why did he not want to join you in this business? You need to assess the situation so that you know where your errors and weaknesses lie.

We are proud of the determination and hard work shown by everyone involved in developing Rashwealth Group. I will ensure that all agents achieve their targets through continuous strategy and effort. Everyone connected with the Rashwealth Group will enjoy the fruits of the company’s achievements, where your success is our success because the success of a company depends not only on the management but also on each and every person associated with the company.

I fervently hope and pray for the success of all family members under the auspices of Rashwealth Group. Thus, imagine the greatest success of your life. Turn on your fiery spirit and spread the wings of your endeavours to succeed in this business. We promise to fulfil your goals and to turn your imagination into reality.

Thank you.

Reach For Your Soul, Reach For Your Goal.

Best Wishes & A Happy Future & Wishing You Success in Your Every Step.

Datuk Nasir Hamzah


Rashwealth Group Sdn Bhd

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