To achieve our ultimate vision, Rashwealth has outlined two of its Policies and Procedures.

The first policy is outlined under the Rashwealth Policies and Procedures and Distributor Application Agreement which are meant for the distributors. While the other policy is for the staffs of the company which is outlined in the Rashwealth Employee Handbook. 




Rashwealth Policies and Procedures and Distributor Application Agreement were established to guide all the distributors towards Rashwealth Business strategies and objectives. It is a direct link between Rashwealth’s vision and its day-to day activities which been carried out by the distributors. This policies and procedures is to ensure that all distributors have a better understanding towards the vision of the company and able to conduct all their sales activities in an ethical manner at all times. Rashwealth believes that by conducting an ethical manner through sales activities could help the distributors in building their self-development which eventually will develop their productivity and business performance. Rashwealth also believes that by having the sound policies and Procedures will foster the credibility and trust between the company, the distributors and the customers. This is also to support the National Direct Selling Blueprint 2013-2020 which one of its aims is to make direct selling as a promising career by 2020.

In addition, Rashwealth Employee Handbook is developed to ensure that all of its staffs are clearly understand the nature of the business, the company expectations and finally to create a positive, respectful workplace and excellent organizational culture which all of these are essentials in supporting the distributors in running their sales activities.

Both of policies are developed to complement each other’s to be a sound policies which will help Rashwealth to achieve its ultimate vision to be a competitive and leading company in the direct selling industry.

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